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The Sock Buddy System

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Macaw before Sock Buddy
And Just 2 1/2 weeks after
Umbrella Cockatoo, Lakota, before Sock Buddy
    and fully feathered after 3 months
My husband and I both adore Amy and Tootie, our 'tiel. We are both retired, Richard is 65 and I will be 63 in March. I am so happy that we have found something that has helped Amy, this is an answer to our prayers!
It broke both our hearts when Amy started over preening. We took to an avian vet and had lots of test done and there was nothing wrong with Amy, but the doctor prescribed Clomicalm to help. This did work for a while, but over a period of months the over preening started again. So, when I read about your bird sock I thought that maybe it was something that would work for Amy. I have prayed for a solution and this is it!
Thanks again for your help and concern! You are definitely a genius and a God send!
Linda Abbott
Compare the fit with The Sock Buddy, left, to the sweater vest, right, with velcro for $39.95. Once it's's gone! The Sock Buddy you can replace yourself, for just the price of a sock!
Hello Suzanne,
I just received your email and it's so adorable. Sorry, I haven't contacted you earlier because I did not want to "jinx" Kermit's progress!!! I/we can't believe his positive attitude towards this silly SOCK!! As soon as we received your package, we put the sock on and of course, he immediately started chewing and chomping on the it. We gave him positive encouragement and he kept on chewing at it, so I resorted to my old bag of tricks that I used on my kids when they were having a fit, I took him for a car ride! While we were riding around, I started singing, which he loves, and together we were singing and guess what, he stopped chewing! I embarrassed myself at the drive thru Post Office with the car window down and did not realize that a mailman was around the corner and there Kerm and I are singing our hearts out!!! I think that was the first big step to attempting to keep the sock on! What a huge step...Kermit has been NAKED for 15+ years and in one afternoon a major turn in his and our lives!!! When I returned home, we gave more praise and more encouragement., he did start to chew but not as aggressively. After a while he slowed down on the chewing because I think he was thoroughly exhausted! Needless to say, by morning the first sock was thoroughly chewed and hanging by a thread on his chest. I cut that one off and immediately put on the second sock...that was 3 days ago and he still has it on! He has customized the collar and actually pulled some of the threads to make a cozier neck line! I went to a local 99¢ store and found a green sport sock and some others in children's sizes. Kerm is a small Electus and these might be a more custom fit. But I don't want to cut off the white one to put on the green to match his remaining feathers, but my son is coming to visit on Sunday and it would be a hoot for him to see his lil bro dressed in a green body suit! Thanks so much and I am so glad that I FOUND you!

Suzanne (also) and Kermit

Help me! I'm naked get me a
     Sock Buddy quick!!!
Or, BYE NOW!!! Have a Fabulous day!                                    
Lyle Pre Sock Buddy
Lyle Today
The Sockologist with Gillie
   A wild caught rescue
Suzanne, The Sock Buddy is working beyond our expectations. The Moluccan Cockatoo, Crystal, is a very docile bird and lets me do just about anything to her. She knows I would never do anything to hurt her. She let me put on the Sock Buddy with no problem and is leaving it in place. She did bite into the area that she previously mutulated but I patched the area and we will see if that helps. The next sock we make will have that area heavily protected per your suggestions. After visiting two avian vets who shot her up with antibiotics and chelating agents we had no positive results, just big bills. The simple Sock Buddy appears to be a real answer. I will keep you informed. Thanks, Jeff
I just wanted to say thank you again for the sock buddy. Goose is growing a bunch of new feathers on her chest thanks to you! I do have a question though. Now that she can't really get to her chest she's focusing on her legs. They are almost bare at this point. You don't happen to make little pants as well, do you? lol I'm just kidding about the pants, but do you have any idea how I could stop her from chewing the feathers on her legs. I was thinking about wrapping them with vet wrap. Do you think that might work?

Thanks again for your help!!

~Tiffany Gonsalves and Goose (U2)

We attribute, in part, the Sock Buddy, for our success in dealing with parrot self-mutilation behavior.                     TIGER 
In most cases the self-mutilation is reduced significantly and in some case the behavior stopped completely.

Greg Kevakian
Broken Wing Rescue
“Celebrating the life of all God’s creations!”

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Q. Will my bird be too warm?
A. Absolutely not! Birds have down under their feathers, the warmest insulator on the planet. Without it, and the outer feathers to keep in that warmth, they are unprotected. Just imagine how many calories they are burning to compensate.

Q. The socks I am buying frey too much.
A. Go sock shopping again. Soon you'll realize what makes a good sock for this purpose. It took me a while too.

Q. I think I put it on backwards!
A. If you do this, cut it off and start over, you'll get the bird too aggravated if you try to twist it around.

Q. My bird immediately tore into it!
A. Don't get upset if your bird thinks this is weird, to him/her it is.
Just put on a new SB and keep going, don't give up it really works!!
Patience really pays off.
Hello Suzanne!
I thought I'd share Chi Chi in her new sock buddy. Like the drama queen she is, the initial sweater-over-her-head maneuver made her squeal but once we pulled it down she immediately calmed. (just a note - she'll squeal like she's dying if her tail is tugged gently during playtime if she's not prepared. She again - a drama queen)
She is still acclimating but if anything got very affectionate after being "socked". Haha. After about an hour she lightened up quite a bit. She's still a bit stiff but it's still the first day. So bonus for me is more cuddles and less rough-housing with her tonight.
I'll keel you updated as time goes on. Thanks so much again!
Sara J. Halpin
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(Hi suzanne,
I'm happy to say my too' made a complete recovery! All bleeding/ plucking has stopped, feathers are almost completely regrown, and he's regained the 100grams of weight lost and is a happy noisy too again :) He wore his sock buddy wonderfully well and never chewed it or tried to take it off. It kept him warm while he was having his naked moment. I'm impressed - feel free to use my previous email on your website.
Kind regards,

Hi Suzanne,
I'm truly amazed. I have to be honest with you, when I took the sock buddy out of the package my first thought was "not a chance in hell." The sock was so flimsy and thin. My cockatoo in incredibly industrious, destructive, and determined. I can't stress that enough - he's chewed through a ROLL of carpeting, a metal mesh garbage can, shreds phone books, boxes, 2x4's, etc. When I stuck the sock buddy on him he wasn't all that pleased and pulled on it for about 90 seconds. I waited 'knowingly' for the destruction to begin. Then to my total disbelief he fluffed up all his feathers, did a big shake, and snuggled happily into my arms where he proceeded to fall asleep!!! It's been 48 hours since I put the sock buddy on and there is not one single threat missing. I am absolutely, totally, completely shocked. And, despite questioning my sanity while making these observations, I swear I think he almost likes it. He doesn't shiver any more and he preens it gently and softly. This is a 30+ yr old wild animal that took me four months to even get near; I'm floored.
So, where do I get those socks from? I know you provided a list of stores and types, but is it possible for you to tell me the manufacturer, brand, and location where you got that exact sock from?
Thank you so very much,
Karrie Noterman

P.S. I'm so glad you could use another testimonial for your website, I'm happy to endorse your sock buddy. I think it's a fabulous product. I would appreciate it if you could include that the birds plucking was medical in nature and he was treated by an avian vet though. I believe that step is very important in the process of eliminating feather plucking behavior. I love the sock buddy, but the bleeding areas were on his legs and under his wings ~ not any place the sock covered. He was treated with medication and recovered fully within weeks. My umbrella really does like his sock buddy and it kept him fabulously warm, which was the intent of buying it for him. In fact I think he'll wear one every winter from now on! Great product.

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Hi Suzanne,
3 years ago I purchased a sock buddy for my boss’s Cockatoo Max. It was an amazing product and she stopped picking herself.
Unfortunately, she has started again, and I would like to purchase 4 more white sock buddies. I think it has started again because her sister Fred (adopted cockatoo) passed away recently from cancer. Also Paul and Karnie have now got another cockatoo, this time a black one called Marley, she is 2 years old and so cheeky.
I have attached some photos for you.
Could you please email me the cost inc shipping to Australia and I will send payment immediately.
Thank you again for a fantastic product that Max’s parents and I believe saved her life.
Kind regards
Marian Andrews

Hi Suzanne ~ We FINALLY made it! Leroy is talking again (which started last Monday) ~ and he is regurgitating for me (I cried like a baby when he did)! He is coming out of his cage on occasion ~ and I am taking him out of his cage daily to spend time on my shoulder (where he just loves to be).
His last "Sock Buddy" was on for 8 days! I had to cut it off of him to give him a bath ~ and the only reason I waited so long ~ is I didn't want to go backwards when I put a new "Sock Buddy" on him ~ but ~ he was AMAZING! I bathed him and let him dry while on my shoulder and then put a new "Sock Buddy" on ~ and he didn't retreat to his cage and continued TALKING! He even wanted back on my shoulder!
Oh Suzanne ~ his beautiful feathers are coming back in so nice! It looks like he may have some bald spots where he has removed the follicle ~ but I could care less! I have my sweet Leroy back!
I have no idea how to thank you for ALL of this! You have given me AMAZING support ~ and I don't think I could have made it without you!
You can ABSOLUTELY copy anyone you want. I would also be more than willing to email with anyone you think I could help!
I have to tell you that YOU are the reason I stuck this out ~ I really don't know that I could have without your support and guidance! 2 days????? Leroy stopped talking, coming out of his cage and regurgitating for me for 3 WHOLE weeks! My baby is 21 years old!
This product WORKS ~ and I have to tell you like you said in your packet and in your email responses to me ~ "patience is the key"! I researched my options for hours and days and the ONLY humane option I could find was the "Sock Buddy" I was NOT comfortable putting a "collar" on Leroy, or giving him antidepressants, or for the love of God haldol!
I am attaching a couple pictures of Leroy before the "Sock Buddy" and a picture of Leroy in his "Sock Buddy" ~ when I change him again I will send you an updated picture of his beautiful new feathers! I may have to send the pictures in 2 separate emails due to size limits. Again ~ I will be forever grateful to you!
Please do NOT hesitate to ask if there is anything you need from me!
Here is Tweety with his collar off and now interested in socializing with Cardy. I was watching carefully on his obsessive picking himself and the courage I had to take off the collar was only because I had a sock buddy on stand by. I didn't have to use it, not yet and it's not looking like I'm going to have to. But just having that option was such a relief! The vet said he'd likely have to keep the collar on for life, yet his zest for life and physical weakness told me it HAD to come off.. come what may. A short but fulfilling life was better than long hard time with a collar around his neck. You can see the damage around his neck from the collar and I realize a lot of his picking when it was on was because of the irritation and he wanted to get to his neck area , not his usual spots. So he cleaned all that up and is enjoying so much his freedom! He is loving chewing the wood that I have for him and his socializing now without the collar with the other budgies has improved greatly. He's happy and doesn't do any more picking on himself at all other than the usual preening. He's loving bathing now too and he is starting to get iridescence in his feathers and gaining weight. He's flying all over now that his collar is off. I'm sure he was on his final week if something wasn't done. So even though I didn't use the sock buddy , it helped him immensely. Thanks so much for sending it to me and helping us out. My heart is so much happier for him as when he suffers, so do I.
At this time his feather's around his neck are filling in too but I don't really have a pix of this yet. There is a great difference in the joy seen in his eyes however and he is becoming a valid member with the flock. The caretaker Cardy is now allowed to preen him and be preened. Being the affectionate little creature he is, his life has vastly improved as well. Bless you Suzanne. You have been an angel in our lives.
Hi Suzanne~
Thanks! I've found a sock that seems to fit well. I've attached a picture of Luna after I put it on and she calmed down (giving me the angry tiel glare). Now that she's gotten used to it (and preened it to pieces), she's been much more active and has actually come out of her cage on her own and explored the floor for the first time since I've had her. Luna hasn't been plucking near as much as she was. She's also been more friendly to my other tiels, especially my other lutino, Meesha. When I first brought Luna home, Meesha was VERY into her and has been trying to get her attention ever since. Well, Luna has actually started to snuggle with Meesha and allow her to preen her head. They both are so much happier!
I will be changing her sock soon and will see what kind of feather regrowth she has. I can see a few large ones growing in on her legs and above her tail. :)
Thank you so much!

Meesha & Luna
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  The "Sock Buddy system" shows you how to turn an ordinary sock (preferably a solid, stretchy one), into a safe, non-restrictive, comfortable garment for any size pet bird or Parrot, WITH NO SEWING!. It will protect his or her chest, belly and back from plucking. There are no ties, clasps, velcro, or zippers to distract your bird.
  Because of the way it is cut and put on, it can't ride up like bandages or sweaters. Invented in 2002, This is the one, the only, original, Sock Buddy. PLEASE don't forget to fill in the info box when ordering, species, and name of your bird.
  Most birds like the "Sock Buddy", after an initial break in period,  It provides the same level of warmth as their own feathers. A naked bird cannot regulate his/her body temperature using up valuable calories. This can cause poor feather growth, and weight loss. The kit has special info on healing mutilation wounds fast (taught to me, by a plastic surgeon), and help getting a Sock Buddy on a frightened bird.
  In the kit, you receive your first two prepared socks for your specific bird, and detailed instructions on how to make future socks yourself. It's inexpensive, you choose the type of sock, no sewing! and it's forever! You never have to buy expensive garments that your bird will hate anyway! In the winter you can make a warm garment for your bird,  Just out of a sock. Wings and vent are totally unobstructed. It's all in the way you cut it, all you need is a sharp pair of scissors. SCROLL WAY DOWN FOR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS!
  Anyone who has a plucked bird or knows one can appreciate the heartbreak of feeling helpless. This is not intended to be a substitute for love, nutrition and stimulation that Parrots require, but an extra helping hand.  It also prevents permanent follicular damage.

           The "Sock Buddy" instructions are free for 501-(c)3 rescues, thanks to your purchase! 
                        Feel free to send questions to

****The E-FILE is now available here. It is a zipped pdf file with 6 pages, plus photos, for you to print out with NO prepared socks. Complete instructions.
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Hi Suzanne,
Just wanted to update you on Max. Well, I gave the sock buddy to Maxs owners but they were hesitant to put it on her so for a few weeks they kept her on the drugs that the vet gave her but they were not working, Maxs wound was not healing, in fact it was getting worse. Then they finally put the sock buddy on Max. Well, almost immediately Max improved.
Fast forward 5 months
You would not recognise Max as the same bird. Her feathers have regrown and she looks absolutely wonderful.
So after spending nearly $4000 at the vet and getting nowhere, the sock buddy was the thing that saved Maxs life literally.
Max loves the sock buddy so much she still wears it.
Best wishes and thank you
Marian, Max and Maxs Mum and Dad

My Sock Buddies just arrived. Lakota had a shower this morning and was still damp. After using the hairdryer, I put her lavender sock on her. She was very accepting as she has worn vests, socks, and birdie diapers in the past. She is such a good bird when it comes to dressing or trusting. I held her beak and slipped the sock over her head and then passed each wing & foot into the appropriate place. Wow what a wonderful fit! She accepted it immediately. After a double take of looking at her chest, she was off playing with her box. I took several shots of her on top of her cage with the other toos, chewing up her box. I will attach one next time I write.
I love the Sock Buddy! The knit, soft, fluffy socks are perfect! They almost look like feathers, stretch on easily, and then stay snugly in place. What a wonderful creation! Yours is SO much better than the one I was using that had to be tied on in back. It was made from just a regular athletic ankle length sock. The knot in back bothers some birds; can be untied; and with the little guys it was hard to tie initially.
Your directions are clear and easy to follow.

Hi Suzanne!!
I just needed to give you an update on my precious African Grey, Pepper.
I have been using the Sock Buddy with Excellent results!
Her tail feathers are finally coming in! she currently has 8 beautiful feathers, her chest and neck are also coming in nicely!!
Keep up the great work, and thanks for the new helped even more!
I also love your e-mails, they are loaded with great advice and surprises too!!
Thank you isn't enough,

Suzanne I hope you get your patent, because in my eyes you are a genius.!!! I am so impressed with the feathers that are coming in on Nassaw I can’t tell you.
So, thanks to your fabulous design (these 4 were already wearing them in the other “plain” colors)…. We decided to decorate for the holidays! PS: Rudolf is the one with the suede on the inside.
Betsy  (The photo left is from the Mollywood Parrot Rescue who were sent The Sock Buddy System, where of course the birds were already wearing them and they just dressed them up a little for the holidays.

Hello Suzanne,
I really hope this email finds you doing well. I hope you had great
holidays too.
Just a quick note to show you how well your sock buddy is. I really thought
that there was no hope for nassaw. Remember her last pics. She was bald on
her belly. As you can see her right side is not coming in very fast. But I
do have hope. Just look at her left side and also the one leg. Amazing.
Thank you so much.

Hi Suzanne,
Pepper is doing fine. we are keeping her in the sock buddy. We shower her and then spray her with molt ease. She is not picking at the buddy as much as she did at first. When I take it off her I'm pleased with the way her feathers are coming in. The hardest part is trying to keep her amused with toys. If she gets bored I catch her picking. In another few weeks I'll be taking some pix and will send you them. Looking fwd to her becoming fully feathered. Thanks, Chris
Hi Suzanne,
I apologize for the delay in getting back w/ you. I wanted to say THANK YOU for your generous donation of the Sock Buddies! I have been meeting a lot of great people thru this tragedy w/ Bo ... and we just added another to the list, YOU! Thank you again!!
Much Gratitude,
Bo and Sunny

Hi Suzanne,
Could you sell me the white outter fuzzy chenile socks? We are limited up here with our stores. The chenile sock looks like Georgie's downy feathers. It  was 51 below zero here this morning. It was too cold to go to work. Georgie's sock is keeping her warm. Let me know how to pay you. I have Paypal.
Thanks, Debra

Hi Suzanne!
Well, we have been putting the sock buddy to good use! Burt (blue and gold) has been our biggest success! he seems to really like wearing it:) Leo ( I mistakenly called him Louie before) has done OK with it, one last about two days with him but we figure with him chewing the sock he is leaving the feathers alone:) two Cockatoos (Shakespeare and Larry{new bird}) don't seem to mind wearing them :) I have become the expert when it comes to getting the sock buddy on the birds ... and I have a few bite marks to show for it, LOL. Again I can't thank you enough! KC (person that runs our website) will be adding a link to your site next week, we will tell everyone about your site!


Hi Suzanne,
Dawn is doing fine with the sock buddy. We hope for her
feathers growing back in I think she has been plucking a long long
time before we adopted her and she has ruined her follicles. It does keep
her busy where she doesn't pull as much at what new feathers are trying to
come in.
Thanks for inquiring about her.

Hi Suzanne, I just wanted to let you know I received Coco-nut's kit today. After a bath I put it on him. He picked at it a little bit, but he has adjusted very well. It's much better than the big collar he's been wearing.
Thanks so much,

Hi Suzanne,

Wow, you have 3 Too's! I had a friend who had an umbrella and about 'all about me' attitude! They can be so funny and clever, but I'm not sure that I'm cut out to own a 'too.

Just thought I'd give you an update. Scooter's had on his sock for a little over a week now and it's still not shredded to bits. I think it's so interesting that he could, if he wanted, bite off the new little feathers that are growing in around his vent, but he's leaving them alone....for the first time EVER. I realize that this is the time of year when ekkies generally have a feather growth spurt and for Scooter, this is the time of the year when he begins to tolerate new feathers coming in. The winter seems to really bother him, even though he has a humidifier in his room. The other interesting thing is that the back of the sock is practically untouched. Yet, before sock he would fool with his back frequently. It's really interesting. I'm cautiously optimistic that his little sock will break the cycle, so to speak, of his feather biting. Since Scooter's been a dedicated feather biter for so least 8 years....I recognize that change isn't going to happen overnight, but I sure am noticing a difference in him.

Oh, I managed to find another pair of socks that look like they will work. I haven't tried it on yet because I'm not ready to remove the one he has. Thanks for the suggestion about sewing with elastic thread....that's what I will do if I want to wash it and put it back on.

Thanks again for your support. I'm so glad to have found you and the Sock Buddy!

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